DJ Presley Dot Com!

Hello all!

I’m so excited to be launching the brand spankin’ new This is the second version of site since I first launched it with the original version way back in 2007. Special thanks to my web designer Vladimir Tiumentsev. He is really resourceful, creative and flexible artist and he made it happen! As I type this he is expecting a baby with his wife, I send them congrats on the new addition to their family and best wishes moving forward. I will use this guy again and again.

Also kudos definitely going out to Sara Donovan of The Stationary Bakery for the creation of my new logo. She exceeded my ideas of what we could do for branding of my name. Love it! Sara deserves her own blog, she is available to book for your Wedding Invitations, and other stationary of need in your lives. Look below for her link.

See you guys soon on the Dance floor!

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