His Roots (The DJ that dances)

DJ Presley, is a veteran. He has DJ’d everything from small back yard birthday parties to large music festivals including SXSW. He loves music, and making people happy. He has played in Marfa TX, Austin, San Antonio, Texas Hill Country and many more areas. With his unique style he will keep your party upbeat and entertaining all night long. No matter your event, he can meet your needs for the type of music you want. Oh and not to name drop but he’s Elvis Presley’s Cousin. Ok so we name dropped!



Back in the day

Now for a little back story on what brought him to this place. DJ Presley use to enjoy sorting through his Dad’s 8-Tracks, this varied from artist like The Bee Gees, Willie Nelson, The Eagles, Frankie Valli and Chuck Berry. Plenty of laundry and even more music to sort through in the mudroom.



Since Presley’s parents had such diverse taste in music he was exposed to it all, “Just as I was starting to buy my own music I was becoming enamored with the break dancing culture that had emerged across the country.”


The First DJ Gig

Later Presley went through a Rocker phase that culminated with his first DJ gig on the air at the mighty 98.9 Z-Rock as a sidekick on the nationally known Sharkman Morning Show. “One of my favorite episodes was calling Ike Turner’s hotline live on the air!” Yes, I said it. He “Ike” at some point had a advice hotline, the same guy of Ike & Tina fame.



Since his time on radio Presley has become one of Austin’s freshest DJ’S with a range to do great work in the Wedding circuit with over 200 Weddings under his belt since 2007 and was hand selected to be the DJ at the 2012 and 2013 SXSW Film Closing Party’s. He has also donated time to fundraising for groups like The American Red Cross, and several Animal Rescues.


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