Thank you so much for your interest. I hope I’m open on that big date. I have a passion for music and making it the time of your life! When you hire me for a Wedding you hire a person not a company. When you hire a company they might send anybody off the streets to DJ your Wedding. Sometimes that can work however if you are seeking a hands on approach, that is more personable then you might hire an actual DJ that shows up himself rather than outsourcing to someone who answered a craigslist post. Yes, I kid you not!…This often happens.

Once someone books me I take every measure to make certain it is tailored to their wants. Most Wedding DJ services arrive two hours early however I strive to get there even a bit earlier. I’m very details oriented. Get the lay of the land, run sound checks and get acclimated with the staff and guest.

The MC

I can be the big animated MC that is comfortable putting on a show or the low key but efficient dj/mc that you might really seek to just make sure we hit all our marks. Don’t worry there will be plenty of energy either way.


My music library is vast, over 65,000 titles and updated weekly. Also I bring a tethered wifi connection to gigs.

Audit your DJ

There is a special skill set involved in being a great Wedding DJ opposed to DJ. Firstly always ask your potential candidates the most important questions out of the gate.


I’m definitely a music nerd. My iPod is varied. I am not married to any format as a fan or as a dj. Before itunes and Spotify made music collecting easy I would sit down with a notebook and jot down every song and artist I could think of. I started with the “A’s” Alan Jackson, Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains, ACDC…Oh! There I go again.

Music is provided for introductions, cocktail, dinner and dancing with wireless microphone available for speeches and toasts. I play the music YOU want to hear, and I’m also able to carry those that have determined they want the DJ to build it from scratch. I’ve DJ’d  big shows at SXSW, Stubbs and The Parish so I can take control of a party.

I always use state of the art equipment with a free lighting package to accompany the dancing. Premium lights is also available upon request. Have peace of mind knowing I bring backup gear to the events.











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